notes from pisgah

I went on spring break. School’s been good, I made some new friends and stuff. This is a love letter. Photo credit to Cole CHoneycutt and his GoPro. #naturegirl, Alice – Epworth house to Pisgah National Forest (time: zero dark thirty) Past the small town gas stations and a Wendy’s. On a Carolina Livery bus to the woods (a temperate rainforest, Appalachia, rolling Westward in … Continue reading notes from pisgah

i’m so mad it’s like i’m in love with you

Dear Diary, This blog has turned into something far removed from what I made it for in the beginning of college, which was like maybe something fun and lax, Buzzfeed-esque. At some point I got annoyed at myself for writing listicles. So then I stopped. And now this is just a place for people who know me and people who have a crush on me, … Continue reading i’m so mad it’s like i’m in love with you